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Robert Kolo and The Misty Blues Party Band have a large variety of music ranging from Bang Band, Country Western, Young Country, 50's Rock & Roll, Motown, Contemporary Rock, Latin, Ethnic music, Italian, German, specializing in Polish. 

Robert Kolo and The Misty Blues Party Band have performed throughout the entire country. In addition, they have performed around the world, on cruise ships through the Caribbean and Alaska, Disney world in Orlando, Florida, and Opry Land in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The trademark of the Misty Blues Party Band is their big harmony sound and unique, Las Vegas style wardrobe. They change their tuxedos at indoor appearances every set. At outdoor festivals, they change their band attire every hour that they perform. 

All of the musicians sing and between all of them, perform on 28 different instruments. With a create blend and digital effects, every song and performance is authentically enhanced. The Misty Blues Party Band interact with the entire audience, bringing people on stage, inviting large group sing-longs, and encourage the crowd to dance. 

The musical library of The Misty Blues Party Band is possibly the largest of any performing band in the circuit. The Misty Blues Party Band could play for five constitutive days without repeating a single song.  


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